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Below you will find a list of current benefits. Benefits may change month by month. Participating Network Business Members are year by year and have agreed to provide some kind of benefit every month throughout their term.

As a another added benefit of becoming a NVST Network Member, you are automatically entered into our once a month Network Member Only giveaways! Giveaways are guaranteed every month and will be done on a level basis that is based on the current number of members for that particular month. For example: Every 100 members = 1 Level. Level 1 starts at 1 member and goes to 99 members, Level 2 begins when we hit 100 members and goes to 199, then the next level, and etc...

In addition to the guaranteed level based gifts every month, we may occasionally have additional gifts provided by sponsors that will be in addition to the level based gift for that month. These special additional giveaway gifts may come with additional entry opportunities that may require you to visit a sponsors location or website and/or make a purchase... or they may not be any other stipulations.

Members must opt-in for each giveaway. Doing so is easy, just login and visit the giveaway area and select the entries you want to enter in and enter! Note: To see, and subsequently enter, Network Member Only Giveaways in the Giveaway section you MUST be logged into the site.


Level 1 = 1 Box of Ammo
Level 2 = 2 Boxes of Ammo
Level 3 = 3 Boxes of Ammo
Level 4 = 4 Boxes of Ammo
Levels 5-9 = Boxes of Ammo Equal to Level Number + Accessory
Levels 10-15 = 10 Mixed Boxes of Ammo for Giveaway Gun + Accessory + Handgun
Levels 15-20 = 10 Mixed Boxes of Ammo for Giveaways Firearms + Accessory + Handgun + Shotgun
Level 20 (Max Level) = Boxes of Ammo Equal to Level number + Accessory + Handgun + Shotgun + Rifle

Levels past 20 will count towards a second network member only giveaway starting 21 (i.e. Level 21 as Level 1a, Level 22 as Level 2a, etc.). Levels past 41 a third giveaway and so forth.



Southern Nevada  
  Recon One Protective Service & Firearms Training 10% off Firearms Training
  Robison Tactical - Faith Family Firearms 10% off Firearms Training
  3 Dot Sight Group 20% off CCW Classes
  Gun Doctor Nevada 10% off Labor
  Self-Reliance Training 20% off CCW Casses
10% of Defensive Pistol Class
Northern Nevada  
  Nevada Firearms Academy & Range - $15.00 range fee’s
- Free Targets
- Eyes & Ear Rentals
  BigDaddy's Firearm Training - $10 off CCW Classes
- 10% off all other Firearms Training



  1. You must be a current resident of Nevada with a valid Nevada ID.

  2. You must be at least 21 years old.

  3. You must not be a prohibited person by Local, State, or Federal Law.


  4. You must retrieve gift through an FFL Dealer (for Firearm Giveaways) and pass a state mandated background check.

  5. Firearms may be transferred to another FFL in Nevada if not within 100 miles of the sponsors location.

  6. Non-sponsored firearm giveaways will be purchased by NVST and be gifted to winner through a Nevada FFL dealer of its choosing.

  7. If winner is not within 60 miles of NVST's FFL of choice and the winner is unable to travel to NVST's FFL dealer of choice, NVST will pay to have firearm shipped to an FFL of its choice within 60 miles of winner.

  8. Winner will be responsible for any transfer fees, background check fees, and any applicable taxes.













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