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Find information and reviews of new, exsisting and upcoming procducts we come across that we think may of importance and/or pertain to Nevada firearm owner preparedeness, safety, training and more.

FALCO® Holsters, globally recognized for their distinctive approach of using one artisan in the production of each holster from beginning to end, today announced four new Simple Concealed Carry Handgun Bags.

Federal Ammunition adds the Force X2 Shorty Shotshell to the line of Premium Personal Defense Shotshells.

SIG SAUER is pleased to announce the first expansion of the CROSS rifle with the introduction of the CROSS-PRS that delivers match grade features fine-tuned for precision accuracy. 

Backing the continued success of SIG SAUER’s P320 AXG line of pistols, Hogue Knives delivers the K320 AXG, prevailing as an elevated offering of the original K320. Designed by Jim Bruhns, master tool maker and president of Hogue Knives, the K320 AXG provides SIG® enthusiasts another esteemed opportunity to carry a precision built knife, identical to their AXG pistol.

Target Nation’s FRED is an easy to deploy, 3D HollowGraphic™ humanoid target system with a torso, stand and photorealistic accessories that makes it ideal to break training scars.

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