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Thursday, 27 January 2022 15:56

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump Restructures, Angers Members

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According to an email recently sent out by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Founder and Director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, they have been forced to restructure their policies, procedure and fees. which "will ensure Front Sight's successful operation and expansion for generations to come."

frontsightaerial1.jpgFor those unaware, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a firearms training range and complex located on 500+ acres in Pahrump, NV and was originally built back in 1996.

According to statistics provided by Dr. Piazza, they have over 250,000 members in about 100,000+ households. They also have (had) a facility located in Nikiski, Alaska which operated only in the Summer.

To say there is backlash and that people are angry is an understatement. Many have taken to various social media channels to voice their anger and frustrations, espcially those who bought "Lifetime" memberships.

Some are so angry they are even urging the Nevada Attorney Generals Office to invistigate and some are talking about upcoming pending lawsuits citing possible breaches of contracts.

Dr. Piazza states in the email that this is the result of a lawsuit he was forced to file in August of 2018 after he says Front Sight was conned out of more than $500,000 by an unnamed purportedly legitimate businessman in 2012 who initially had promised to help Front Sight complete a planned resort that has never come to fruition. with low-interest money he would source from his reportedly vast pool of overseas investors.

Front Sight Expansion Rendering via FSFTI websiteAccording to Dr. Piazza, the businessman promised he would raise all the funds needed to complete the resort with low-interest money he would source from his reportedly vast pool of overseas investors and he promised to do it quickly if Front Sight covered all the administrative costs and some initial marketing costs.

Dr. Piazza claims that the businessman failed to deliver on his multiple promises of full funding for the project and did not raise the $150 Million (not even a tenth of that) as originally promised for the project.

He further states in the email, the businessman then deceitfully, fraudulently, and fictitiously claimed Front Sight was in default by what Dr. Piazza describes as "some weasel-worded and highly questionable language in our agreements with him". The businessman claimed he had the right to sell Front Sight's land and water rights to which Dr. Piazza claims they had never failed to pay any of their financial obligations to the businessman as per their agreements.

After reportingly having repeatedly placed what he calls "case-winning motions in front of the judge, most recently a motion for case-ending sanctions against our enemies for all the court orders and rules of discovery they have egregiously ignored or violated. Unfortunately, our motions for summary judgement and motions for partial summary judgement, have never produced the desired result of a case-winning decision in our favor with the judge in this case".

Dr. Piazza also laid to blame some of the members for failing to help them "Finish the Fight" after failed fund-raising campaigns starting back in August 2021 through the end of December which included a "DEADLINE for EVERY MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE" ($50 minimum) failed to produce the desired results of having enough members participate to help them "Finish the Fight".


While it is apparant that some members did participate, he did not provide any numbers, member or financial wise.

SO What About the Changes?

There are a lot of details in the email so we just break down the basics of some of the most notable ones below:

Restructered policies, procedures, and fees

- Credits and Patronage Points converted into newly created Front Sight Coins.

- Courses at Front Sight will now incur the following fees for ALL MEMBERS: Facility Fee of $25 per day for every course day you attend; Front Sight Staff Support Fee of $25 per day for every course day you attend; and Front Sight Liability Insurance Fee of $25 per day for every course day you attend (if you don't have your own as stated in the bullet point above). These total $75 per day ($150 for a 2-Day course or $300 for a 4-Day course).

- The Front Sight Alaska facility will no longer operate. Front Sight Alaska Supplements are no longer valid. Front Sight has refunded into the F$ Bucks account, the amount of purchase of anyone who purchased a Front Sight Alaska Supplement. Front Sight will focus our training at the Pahrump location.

- The following courses will no longer be offered at Front Sight: Children and Youth (including 2-Day, 4-Day, and nighttime); Rope and Rappel (including Rope and Rappel Skill Builders); Empty Hand Defense; and Edged Weapons. We will focus on firearms training courses only.

- Ammo Club program is closed. All ammunition shot at Front Sight must now be purchased at Front Sight.

- Each member must pay a $50/month Membership Maintenance Fee, or $500/year.

- Must either show proof of a minimum of $100,000 in personal liability insurance OR purchase liability insurance from Front Sight's vendor of choice at $25 per day.

- Private Training for non-members is now $3,000 per day, per person. Private Training for Patriot Members is $1,000 per day, per person. Private Training for Legacy Members is $800 per day, per person. Private Training for Founder Members is $600 per day, per person. Private Training for Knights is $400 per day, per person.

- Members who DO NOT pay their monthly or annual Membership Maintenance Fee by MIDNIGHT, February 28, 2022 will void their membership.

- Guns at Cost program is closed.

- The Champion Club is closed.

- The following Membership Benefits are no longer valid: Free Hotel Stays; First In-First Out Privileges; Membership Pro Shop Discounts; Annual Secrets of the Ultra Successful Seminar, and Annual Advisory Board Meeting and Training.

- All membership transfers now require a one time, $1,000 transfer fee paid in cash, check, credit card, or available F$ Bucks in a member's account.

- The Front Sight Members Co-Op is closed.

- Criminal Background Check fee of $50 for the first course of every New Year you attend (exsisting, not changed but can use newly implemented F$ Bucks).

- ALL Certificates, including, but not limited to Gun and Gear Rental Certificates; Pro Shop Certificates; Hotel Stay Certificates, Fun Gun Shoot Certificates, Private Training Certificates, Advanced Course Certificates are now converted to certificates good for the Two Day and Four Day Defensive Handgun, Tactical Shotgun, or Practical Rifle Courses that one person can use to attend a four-day course or two people can use to attend a two-day course. The certificates have no expiration date, are not redeemable for cash and are valid for a student's first course only.

There is a lot said and detailed in the original email and what is covered above is not all inclusive. Please see the attached pdf of the email in its entirety.


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