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The Latest News Related to Nevada Firearms, Shooting Sports, Training, and Just About Anything Firearms Related Within the State of Nevada!

After Recent Shootings and Other Violence, Fremont Street Experience Implements Expanded Security Measures and Rules

Several states removed last year have been added back this year with one additional state added.

Clark County Shooting Complex Recently Announced Summer Range Passes and There Are a Limited Number Available

On Thursday June 2nd, 2022, Nevada State Treasurer Zach Conine (D) released a video statement that his office will divest from its investment portfolio any companies that manufacture or sell assault-style weapons.

A Las Vegas man made his initial appearance in federal court yesterday for allegedly possessing a machine gun, and for allegedly engaging in the manufacturing and selling of privately made firearms, including machine gun conversion devices commonly referred to as “Glock Switches” — which are designed to convert semi-automatic pistols to fire automatically — without a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

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