Info for Pro 2A Non-Firearm Related Business Owners/Managers

Information for Pro 2A Non-Firearm Related Business Owners/Managers

Is Your Business Pro 2nd Amendment?

If you are, how do law-abiding firearm owners know that you are? Word of Mouth? Do You Have Signs Posted? Do You State Such On Your Website? Are You Listed as a Pro 2A Business on Our Site?

If none of these things other than word of mouth apply to you, you may think about spreading the knowledge that your business is Pro 2A to those who exercise their 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms while at the same time giving criminals notice that your business is not a gun free zone or an easy target and they may meet resistance from you and your customers!

First Step: Arm Yourself and/or Your Employees... if you so choose... Highly Recommended! Just make sure everyone is properly trained in safety, basic use of, use of in defense, and the laws!

Second Step: Post Signs at Your Business and Your Website Stating That You are a Pro 2A Business and Lawful Carry is Permissible on Your Premises. You can find some signs in varying formats and applications here: You can also right click on any of the images and save the image of the sign you prefer and then paste somewhere (or everywhere) on your website. Shoot, go ahead and copy and paste the image above!

Third Step: Submit Your Business to Our Foe or Pro Section of Our Website. You can submit it here: 

Fourth Step:
 Completely Optional but we highly recommend it (of course we're not bias or anything wink) - Become a Participating NVST Network Business Member! You will get a sticker to put in your window (a great addition or alternative to the posting of second step) and get the added marketing benefits of being such a member! Learn More Here:











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