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You Got That Right... WE HAVE GIVEAWAYS!

We are offering you a chance to win any number of things from Free Training to Free Products, Services, or Other Things!

Giveaways run monthly, as long as we have a stream of things to offer, and will run from 12:00 AM on the 1st day of the month and run through 11:59 PM on the the last day of month when active.

We currently offer two types of Giveaways:

  1. Get Trained, Stay Trained Giveaways - Our Get Trained, Stay Trained Giveaways are open to everyone and is designed to provide firearm owners to get some of the most vital and necessary training they need, without worrying about cost. We also break these down into regions, one for North and one for South. Types of training included in these type of giveaways are (but not limited to): CCW Courses, One-On-One Training, Spots in Courses, Etc. 

  2. Be Prepared, Be Equipped - Our Be Prepared, Be Equipped Giveaways are only open to current and active Network Members and are designed as a way to show our appreciation for your continued support. To be eligible for giveaways you must be an active member prior to the start of each giveaway, meaning CURRENT Network Members who are active BEFORE the start of each monthly giveaway. Giveaways open the 1st of the each month. New members will be eligible the month preceding the month they joined (i.e. joined May 15th, eligible for June giveaway). Winners will have the membership status verified for the month they win. Members must opt-in for each giveaway. Types of gifts in this in this type of giveaway include (but are not limited to): Ammo, Accessories, Firearms, Etc. The more members there are the better the gifts. To learn more about about being an NVST Network Member, see here:

Below you can see the current and/or upcoming giveaways, results of past giveaways, and other information. For Official Rules, see here: 









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