Firearm Professionals

Firearms Professionals


We are excited to introduce you to Nevada’s Newest Resource for EVERYTHING Shooting Sports and Firearms Training in Nevada: NV SHOOT & TRAIN! We are a News Portal, Guide and Community all rolled int one and we are excited to bring this new, unique, community driven one-stop resource to all Nevadans!

Our primary focus is only on the Nevada Firearms Industry and Community and in connecting them with each other, with the general basic gun owner and with those new to or looking into the world of firearm ownership.

Our Goals Are To:

  1. Help foster the growth of firearms ownership as well as the awareness and understanding within the overall general public of the of the practical uses of all firearms: self-defense; recreational and competitive shooting sports; just for fun; collecting.

  2. Provide unparalleled access to and build awareness of the importance, need, and availability of continuous and qualitive skill building and training an individual firearm owner needs to be an effective and safe firearms owner.

  3. Grow the sport of recreational and competitive shooting among firearms owners and the benefits that participating in them can have in their overall skill building/honing and readiness.

For us (and the firearms community as a whole) to achieve these goals, it is essential that there is readily available and accessible structured information on defensive-firearms training and shooting sports opportunities within Nevada and the surrounding areas.

That is why we have created and maintain our website as a single, dedicated source of information combined with a full-fledged social community where people from within the already established firearms community can come together with those outside of the community can connect and share experiences, tips and more (like their love of firearms and/or shooting sports).

On Our Site People Can Find:

  • News, Articles and Blog sections to keep Nevada firearm owners informed and up to date on local news, issues, and information that can affect them and the firearms community as a whole. This includes new features like the latest inventory updates from Nevada Firearm Retailers and last minute openings for training classes or shooting sport matches.

  • A Structured Event Calendar with Firearms/Self-Defense Training, Shooting Matches, Meetups and Other Firearms Related Events from within Nevada as well as from the immediate surrounding areas;

  • A Structured Directory of Local Firearms Retailers, Firearms Instructors, Gunsmith's, Ranges and More;

  • A Social Community featuring full profiles, discussion forums, and the ability to see and share updates, videos and photos and where people can find and discuss all sorts of things like local, regional and/or national shooting events, Defensive Firearms Training tips and More;

  • And More to Come… We Are Just Getting Started!


Our Target Demographics and Goals

Our Three Main Target Demographics

  1. Those who have never, or have extremely limited, experience with firearms and may, or may not, be on the fence of whether or not ownership is right for them. Our goal with this demographic is to catch their attention and show them that there is a consolidated helpful resource for them to find various ways to get the information and training they need to make the jump into becoming an owner of a firearm.

  2. Those who may have a firearm(s) but have limited to no real training or experience with that firearm(s). Our goal with this demographic is to get them out to local ranges and instructors and get and keep them trained with the skills they need to be a responsible firearms owner. Our key marketing term with this group is that “Just Owning a Firearm is Not Enough”.

  3. Those who have regular experience with firearms. Our goal with this group is to keep them trained and get them out shooting in recreational and competitive shooting sports, like that of IDPA, USPSA and Other Similar Organized Shooting Sports, as way to further hone their skills and experience in a fun and low-cost, yet structured, way that local organized shooting matches can provide.

We are hoping that a by-product of our efforts will be to open the eyes of the general public of the push (and ample opportunities and resources) to get and keep people who have firearms trained and that there are other firearms uses outside of self-protection such as the numerous and various type of Shooting Sports where people use various types and numbers of firearms.

Keep Your Company, Service or Event at the Top of Everyone's Mind!

Our Business Was Designed with You in Mind So Put It to Good Use and REAP the Benefits!

Absolutely Always 100% Free Options:

Add your Business to our Business Directory, Add your Event(s) to our Event Calendar on our website and/or submit news/content! 

Once added, each will be shared to our website community and to all our social networks! It will also be included in our weekly newsletter:

  • Events - The week of the event at the beginning of the week;
  • Directory Listings - Only after initial add, updates (Only once per month), or renewal
  • Press Releases - Send us your press releases and they will be posted to our website and social media accounts... Be Sure to Include a Image of Some Kind! Need help creating one? We can help or look here on how to simply create one:

Firearms Retailers: Post the latest inventory updates in our Armory 411 section!

Firearms Instructors: Have last minute class openings or spots to be filled? Post those openings in our Eleventh Hour section!

To do this is simple and only takes a couple of quick minutes: Go to Our Website and Create an Account and Make Sure You Select the Firearms Professional Account Type... 

Once registered and approved, you will be granted access to the Firearm Professionals (FP) menu (under your profile info module) where you can easily add and keep up-to-date any content or listings you may have on our website.

Doing this also gives you the ability to interact with the other members in our community areas as well the ability to receive notifications and respond to comments on any of your content or listings!

Paid Advertising Options:

Advertise your business, service or event through us! We offer several affordable avenues to get you in front of the people you need to target! We Offer:

  • Banner Advertising on our website;
  • Featured Listings: For a low monthly (directory listings) or weekly (events) fee your business or event can be seen at the top of its perspective segment, category, section, our newsletters and even every single page of this site!
  • Dedicated Email Blasts to Our Members and Newsletter Subscribers (only one overall available per week);
  • Social Media Blasts via our social channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc.);
  • Member Exclusive Giveaway Opportunities;
  • Print Advertising options to Come Soon, more on this phase of our business to come at a later date;
  • ..

For Rates, see the attached rate card… if one is not attached please reach out to us and we can send one to you right away!


Sponsor A Giveaway(s)!

It’s no secret one of the best and most effective ways to get your business and/or products or services out in front of everyone is to sponsor one (or more) Giveaways!

This is a mutually beneficial avenue for everyone involved! By giving away something worthwhile every month we can grow our General Members and Premium Supporter base which in turn gets more and more quality eyes on you!

To effectively make this as mutually beneficial as possible, we use proven program systems like Gleam which allows us to require members to visit your website, like/visit your social media channels, watch a video or much more on a single or daily basis to earn a various number entries to win the prize.

We hold giveaways monthly with each month requiring a new set of prizes and sponsor commitments.

Giveaways are hosted via a special page on our website and are optimized to showcase the participating sponsors via a static and dedicated banner spot. They are then marketed:

  • through weekly dedicated email blasts to our members
  • through our weekly Newsletter to members and general email subscribers
  • through weekly dedicated Social Media Blasts (i.e. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Etc.)
  • through weekly dedicated NVSSFTN Social Community Blasts
  • through shares by members to their friends and family

To participate as a Giveaway sponsor you can either:

  1. Provide a product or service to give away and/or
  2. Provide a monetary contribution towards a prize of our choosing

Products or services that are given away should directly or closely relate to the purpose of the Nevada Shooting Sports & Firearms Training Network. Examples would be, but are not limited to:

  • Firearms
  • Firearm Parts or Accessories
  • Registration to a class or event
  • Ammo
  • Gunsmithing or Personalization
  • Clothing or Tactical Equipment
  • Etc...


But Wait! There's More Coming and It Gets Even Better!

We are currently in Phase 1 of our roll out. Phase 2 & 3 have some exciting features we are eager to get out to you and the public!

That’s right there’s even more coming! Phase 2 & 3 of our planned roll out are planned to roll out around the same time or within close proximity to each other. The good news? You can get on-board with this now!

The Network

(COMING SOON) We are currently developing the Network and we are excited to bring this to you now before it goes public!

In this phase we will be launching a Premium Supporter feature that will allow us to offer premium benefits to our members who become a Paid Supporters for a low-cost ($5 to $10 per month) which will help us to continue to operate while building a strong audience that you can benefit from while being able to offer reasonable, and in some cases free, advertising options to you.

By becoming a Participating Network Business, you can get any of our paid advertising options DEEPLY discounted plus you will be given the use of our 'Participating Network Business Member' Label! Oh, and you can get those discounts now, even before it goes public!

To be a Participating Network Business Member all you have to do is (when the program launches) provide a minimum discount to our Premium Supporters on 3 different levels: Silver, Gold and a Third (and very special tier) to be announced a little later down the road after successful rollout of this phase.

For example, we would ask you provide a minimum discount of 5% on a product(s) or service(s) to Silver Supporters and 10% to Gold Supporters. This can be on anything you choose so long as you provide a discount on something every month (service, registration, products, etc.…). * Remember you are also trying to draw our members to your business and make your business stand out from the rest!

In return all your listings on our website would get the Participating label and you could receive up to 40% (minimum of 25%) off any of our advertising options!

The only other stipulation is there is a one-year commitment you must agree to… That’s it! If you sign-up before we launch the program your commitment starts from the launch date but your discounts start the moment you sign the agreement!

Print Advertising?

Super-secret squirrel stuff here… you may have read within our marketing materials something about print advertising and you might have thought we were having a Biden moment… Nope! We aren’t suffering dementia (at least we don’t think so, yet?) Anyways, More to come on this SOON! 



To find out more or to get started, Contact Us Today!

The NV Shoot & Train is a Division of Ultra Vegas Enterprises, a Las Vegas based Web Creation and Management Company specializing in Website Development, Community Driven Informational Portals, Social Media Creation & Management, Basic Graphic Design and More… Vegas, Family, God, & 2A Strong!










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