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On Target Gun Shop Burglarized

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On Target Guns on Nellis Blvd. in Las Vegas was broken into in the early morning hours of Wednesday November 17th, 2021.

The burglary took place at approximately 1:29 AM. If anyone has any sort of information, please call the store at (702) 463-0350 or call Metro at 702-828-3111. Photos and video from one of their security camera's are provided below.

They took 5 - Hornady electronic safes, about 100 boxes - Winchester/ PMC 223, 30 boxes - Remington 12g Buckshot, 4 - Crimson Trace lasers for G43’s, 2 - 500 round boxes of CCI 22LR, and a Glock pistol case for a G45MOS.

Please keep alert for anyone possibly selling any of these items, especially if they are selling more than one and who also may seem suspicious and/or possibly match the suspect. Please use your due diligence in doing so as not to report someone innocent.

On Target is currently awaiting video for outside the store from their property management company. Once they have it and provide it will repost it here.




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