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Thursday, 07 October 2021 09:21

New Frontier Armory is Hiring - Assistant Sales Manager

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New Frontier Armory located in North Las Vegas, NV is currently hiring for Assistant Sales Manager

Who wants to join the New Frontier Family…?
Assistant Sales Manager ( ASM )
Job Duties
Responsible for supporting the sales manager with supervision in all aspects of daily activities in the retail store. The assistant sales manager (ASM) is expected to implement company policies, conduct associate training and ensure a high level of performance is maintained in each of the aforementioned areas.
Although directed by the sales manager, the ASM is expected to act independently in any case of absence of the sales manager.
Duties and responsibilities
• Understanding and strictly adhering to all local and federal laws is paramount
• Supervision of staff in the store to include but not limited to: coordination of work/tasks, training, discipline and scheduling
• Ensure that all associates report to work on time, take their breaks at the scheduled time and provide for adequate staffing during all hours of operation
• In coordination with the procurement agent, verify that all retail store orders are being placed accurately and methodically and manage overall inventory values.
• Conduct, supervise and verify all inventory counts for inventory replenishment as needed. This includes, but is not limited to daily, quarterly and year end. Management of inventory to maintain customer satisfaction as well as cost effectiveness is critical.
• While assigned to the sales floor, ASM will ensure customers are given prompt and courteous service and will address any customer concerns directly if management is needed
• Provide the GSM with observation and documentation regarding current associate performance and issues to include associate reviews
• ASM will ensure and be responsible for the proper lockup and securing of the facility upon exit
• Contribute to team efforts by accomplishing related results as needed and/or as directed by management
• Minimal of a High school diploma is required but AS Degree is preferred
• 3+ years’ of management experience with a focus on sales/customer management preferred
• Excellent written and verbal communication, must be proficient in verbal and written English language
• Strong working knowledge of firearms, related items/products, industry
• Pass a background check and drug test throughout employment
Working conditions
The ASM is expected to be present during all scheduled hours and, depending upon work volume, in excess of these hours. The ASMs will be responsible for working weekends as well and occasionally covering for unattended shifts as needed.
Physical requirements
• Ability to stand for long periods of time
• Ability to lift up to 50lbs
• Must be able to present a clean, professional image
• Must be able to keep work environment clean, presentable, and safe
• Carrying of a firearm is optional. If carrying (open or legal conceal carry) a mandatory quarterly qualification will be conducted
Direct reports
This position is responsible for all Retail Store Sales Associates

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