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Everyone, Not Just Gun Owners, Needs to Oppose AB 286 Today! The Time to Act is Now!

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Nevada AB 286 just passed out of the House Judiciary Committee Today (April 9th, 2021) and is expected to make it to the Assembly floor for debate and vote next week. In short, AB 286 would make it an instant crime if you are to step into a business with a firearm (even one being carried legally by a CCW Permit holder) and the business has a No Firearms sign posted. There will be no warnings, like there is now by the current statute, where a business with a sign would be first required to ask you to leave or secure your firearm and if you didn't THEN you could be arrested. Even if you didn't truly see the sign.
In true anti-gunner fashion, paired this with the 'Ghost-Gun' ban to make 80% lowers illegal within the state (which is already being taken up on a Federal Level under President Biden's new Executive Orders announced yesterday which make that section of the bill moot). They are playing on the emotions of people to pass a bill that would not stand public muster on its own.

Now to the Grit of It:

While proponents of AB286 tout that lives, even a single life, can be saved by this bill and that is why it needs to be passed, what is failed to be talked about is the lives that could be possibly taken or negatively affected by this bill. In fact, section 2 of this bill may in fact do more to help criminals take lives than it does as a whole to save them.

What am I talking about? By forcing a law-abiding citizen, or taking it a step further, a law-abiding CCW holder who has had their background thoroughly checked by local law-enforcement, you will be forcing them to either leave their firearm at home or worse, in their vehicle.
By forcing a law-abiding citizen and CCW holder to disarm this can have a couple of real possible dangerous outcomes that in the long run could actually cost lives:

1) Lives Taken Because Firearms Stolen from Vehicles 

Let's say a law-abiding CCW holder goes to run errands around town, making several stops along the way, and stops at a local grocery store to pick up groceries or needs to make a pit stop to use a restroom somewhere and one or more of the places they stop at do not allow firearms forcing the law-abiding CCW holder now must leave their firearm in their vehicle or risk becoming a criminal themselves just for carrying the firearm and maybe not even realizing in their rush that a business does not allow it. 
Let's say for the sake of argument that the law-abiding citizen realizes last minute they can not take the firearm in and goes back to their vehicle to secure it. Then while away from their car their vehicle is broken into and the firearm and/or vehicle with the firearm is stolen.
Then the person who stole the firearm/vehicle then uses that firearm to commit a robbery or shoots and kills someone. This unfortunately is more than often the case in a large majority of murders, the firearm that was used was stolen or obtained by other ILLEGAL means that have skirted the law.
2) Lives Taken That Could Have Been Saved If They Had Their Firearm
  • Let's say a local government no longer allows firearms in parks or trails, a citizen goes for a walk but is forced to leave the firearm the would usually carry at home, they are then attacked, beaten or worst killed by the subject
  • Let's say a grocery store no longer allows firearms, a citizen goes to the store late at night to pick up a couple of items and since the store does not allow firearms they leave theirs at home or in their vehicle, as they are walking back to their vehicle they are attacked, robbed, beaten or worse, killed but had they had their firearm they could have saved themselves
  • Let's say in the same situation as the last, while in the store, someone comes in and starts shooting random people, if the law-abiding citizen had their firearm they may have had a chance to stop the shooter from killing them or even others.
Just to make another point, in all the above cases, though the business or park had no firearms sign posted it would have done little to stop the perpetrators from using a firearm as they would have completely disregarded them.
3) Lives Taken Because of Less Risk to Criminals that a Potential Victim will be Armed Coming From, Going To, or While At a Business with No Firearms Signs...
Crimes of all sorts, including murders, may actually increase, especially vehicle burglaries and thefts.
Knowing that less people may be carrying, especially in areas with businesses that are "Gun-Free" criminals will be more likely to commit their crimes of opportunity knowing there is a less likely chance of them being stopped by a law-abiding citizen with a firearm and that there chance of finding a vehicle with a firearm in it is higher in those same areas
While I agree that business should have the right to decide if they want firearms to be allowed on their property, I also believe law-abiding citizens, especially those permitted to carry concealed firearms should not be forced to disarm while going about their daily lives.
4) Making Criminals and Prohibited Persons Out of Law-Abiding Citizens and Putting Their Lives At-Risk
By making it an instant arrestable crime and by making this a Firearms-Related crime and it would instantly make a person who makes a mistake or mistakenly misses a sign a prohibited-person. That person would no-longer be able to own or possess a firearm, even at home to protect themselves or their loved ones.
With the Above in Mind, I Ask You:
Will the State Legislators Who Pass the Bill, the Businesses, or the Local Governments Bear the Responsibility:
  1.  should an innocent person be killed by a firearm that is stolen from a law-abiding citizen's vehicle as a direct result of Section 2 of AB286? 
  2. should a law-abiding citizen who normally would have had their firearm on them in years past, but is prevented from doing so because of Section 2 of AB286, is killed maliciously in one of these "Gun Free" zones?
  3. should a law-abiding citizen who lost their ability to own or possess a firearm be killed sometime in the future where they would have normally had a chance to protect themselves but because of a simple mistake lost their RIGHT on what would have normally been a warning or a simple trespass in the past?
Should This Law Pass, we are putting everyone on notice that we have already started building a section on our website to list EVERY single business in the state that posts 'No Firearms Signs' and will aggressively market this to Law-Abiding Gun-Owning Nevadans. We will go even a step further and counter that with listings of businesses that are vocally PRO 2A as an alternative to those businesses. This section will aptly be called 'Foe or Pro' and will be found in our Guide Section.
If you want to Easily OPPOSE this Bill, it needs to be done NOW, not later! This bill could be up for Vote any day with little to no notice. Please visit the Nevada Firearms Coalitions Write the Assembly Page Here: 
Also, in addition to that: go here: and select AB 286 from the dropdown menu and the select Oppose and Leave a Comment.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mention the points as I do in this article. Simply saying I oppose or stating the 2nd Amendment Rights or it's Unconstitutional or saying something crude DOES NOT cut it with the anti-gun measures... if any of those mattered to them then we would not be talking about this right now... We need to counter the "Lives That Will Be Saved" argument with "Lives That Could Be Lost" because of bills like this.

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